Career Services

At the College of General Studies, we are invested in your success, both in the classroom and after you complete your coursework. Career counseling is an important part of our commitment to you. The CGS career consultant is available to assist you with all aspects of planning your career, from choosing a major and defining your career path, to finding an internship or a job.

Just as no two people are exactly the same, no two career paths are exactly the same. Whether you are entering the job market for the first time, or considering a change after many years in the same field, there are a few universal guidelines that can help make your career path easier to navigate:

  • Understand that making decisions about your career is a PROCESS.  It takes time and does not usually happen instantly.  Some people know what they want to do at an early age, but for most people, it is a process that continues to evolve and unfold.
  • Realize that choosing a major does NOT seal your fate.  Many students put undue pressure on themselves because they feel that choosing a major means a lifetime commitment to that field of study. Actually, many people work in careers outside of their college major.
  • Seek out information that will help you with your decision.  Often people try to make decisions too soon, before they have enough information.  In order to make a decision about a career, it is important to gather information about yourself, through self-assessment, and about various career options, through career research.  There are many resources for information, such as professors, books, Web sites, career counselors, and professionals who work in the fields you are investigating.
  • Assess how the career options you are considering fit with your values.  This is a crucial factor in career decision making.  Do you value helping other people?  Being creative?  Having time alone on your job?  Once you have determined what is truly important to you, it will be easier to determine what you want to do.
  • Take advantage of professional career services offered at the College of General Studies.  These services are free and include our own career consultant available by appointment. Services include:
    • choosing a major
    • resume & cover letter assistance
    • assistance with securing an internship
    • job search advice
    • developing a career search strategy
    • and more!

Please vist Career Services for more information about planning your career.